Kansas City Travel Guide

How fun it is when you travel to a place and you don’t know how it will surprise you. If you are going to like it, if you are going to eat delicious, if they are going to make you want to return. I loved having the opportunity to see Kansas City in Missouri and get the most out of it in 48 hours. There are so many dazzling environment around the world with unique experiences like having a ride in Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon while our tours to Cappadocia from Istanbul but this one is near to us in USA.

It pains me to say it, but before I met her, the only thing I knew about Kansas City was about tornadoes, that if the BBQ is better there or in Austin or when I saw the photos of my friend Nadia at a Kansas City Royals baseball game. Although she had told me that it was a city that was growing and that it was getting prettier every time.

So it was another of the cities that we included in our tour of the western and central United States and we were quite surprised. I think one of the things that I liked the most about this trip was the surprise factor of some cities. When you think of beautiful cities in the United States to spend a weekend, you usually fall into the vicious circle of the typical ones, the most touristy, without realizing that you are missing others that are not so expensive and that also offer you very pleasant experiences .

Weather and climate in Kansas City
From January to February the weather is very bad. At noon, it’s 3 ° C on average and you can expect to have 44mm of rainfall / month during this period.
In March the weather is bad. The temperature rises to 13 ° C and, in March, 10 days of rain are expected.
Between the months of April and October the weather is good. The temperature rises up to 20 ° C and it rains about 72mm every month.
In November the weather is unfavorable. At dusk the average temperature is 10 ° C and it rains about 46mm each month.
In December the weather is very bad. The temperature rises up to 6 ° C and it rains about 46mm every month.

What do we visit?

National World War I Museum and Monument
If all the history classes were like that, it would be easier to get 100 pure. What an impressive museum, we spent hours there reading absolutely everything. The visit begins with a first film that explains how the whole conflict began, then you go to the museum to see in the rooms how the war progressed over the years.

Country Club Plaza
This area was right in front of our hotel and I found it charming. It is an area of shops and restaurants, one of the most exclusive in the city, but with a style that somewhat imitates the city of Seville, in fact it is one of the sister cities of Kansas City. You can even see the Giralda imitation on a smaller scale of course.

Steamboat Museum of Arabia
On September 5, 1856, a steamboat carrying 400,000 pounds of supplies destined for general stores in the Midwest sank in the Missouri River, just six miles before reaching Kansas City. Arabia was lost for more than 130 years before an amateur archaeologist discovered that she was buried 45 feet below a cornfield. As erosion caused the course of the great river to change, the ship’s wreckage and cargo were encased in the ground and preserved like a giant time capsule. The result is a massive collection of pre-Civil War artifacts, all examples of the objects and foods that were part of the daily lives of the pioneers.

There is a timeline where I assure you that you are going to read each word, because they explain to you in a short time what happened in Europe, how the participation of the countries at war and the alliances that were formed expanded. At the same time, it gives you information about what was happening in other parts of the world, including Kansas City.

Eat a Kansas City-style barbecue
The barbecue capital of the world offers more than 100 barbecue restaurants, from legends like Gates and Bryant’s to smaller popular venues.

Listen to live jazz
Kansas City gave jazz its rhythm, and its rich heritage can be heard frequently in more than 40 local clubs.

Tour the world famous Kansas City fountains
With more than 200 fountains, Kansas City is known as the “city of fountains,” as it boasts more fountains than any other city except (maybe) Rome.Attend the American Royal competition
The American Royal barbecue competition, known as “the world barbecue championship”, is the largest in the world and takes place each fall in the West Bottoms entertainment district of Kansas City.

Shop at the Country Club Plaza
Opened in 1922, the nation’s first outdoor shopping district designed for the automobile spans 15 blocks with Spanish-inspired architecture and dazzling fountains.

Visit the 18th & Vine
Relive the history of this historic African-American neighborhood at the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Museum of the Negro Leagues of Baseball).

Go to the preview of a Chiefs game
Kansas City is a true sports city, but there is no tradition more prevalent than that of arriving hours before the game to cook in the parking lots of the NFL stadium.

Explore the Crossroads arts district
More than 60 art galleries and shops stay open late on the first Friday of each month for the nation’s largest art tours.

Visit the America’s National WWI Museum
Dedicated in 1926, Congress declared this museum and monument the “National Museum of the First World War.” Climb to the top of the 66-meter tower for an aerial view of the city.

Picnic with Shuttlecock
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Sculpture Park features 30 acres of outdoor art, featuring works including four badminton pens, each five meters wide. height, plus the largest collection of Henry Moore sculptures outside of England.

Relive the Old West with Jesse James
Visit the house where Jesse and Frank James grew up. Don’t miss the Jesse James Bank Museum, the site of the first daylight robbery in peacetime.

Learn how greeting cards are created
J.C. Hall founded Hallmark when he began selling cards from a shoebox in 1910 at the local Young Christian Association (YMCA). A century later, visitors can see the production process of the world’s largest greeting card company and see artists create actual cards at the Hallmark Visitors Center.

Learn the origin of the phrase “The weight of responsibility falls on me”
From the decision to drop the atomic bomb to end World War II, until the start of the Cold War, Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States, ruled during a tumultuous time. Explore the sites of his hometown of Independence, Missouri, including the Truman Presidential Museum and Library and the Truman House.